4910 Iris St.
Wheat Ridge, CO

Our Team

4910 Iris St.
Wheat Ridge, CO

Tim Tripp (owner)

As the story goes...this happened and then that happened...and the rest is history. Back in 2003 Tim was a Commander with the Westminster Police Department in Westminster, Co. He had been collecting "Barney Fife" photographs and memorabilia for some time. As he soon discovered, the rare signed photo's needed to be framed in order to protect them. To frame the vast collection was cost prohibitive, so Tim read up on how to do it himself. It was during that time that he discovered a hidden passion and sought out a 17 time National Champion Framer by the name of Ray Dwyer. Ray lived in Sandpoint, Idaho. Tim trained one-on-one with Ray and Ray became a mentor of sorts as Tim gained experience back in Colorado.

The story leaps forward... Tim volunteered at a framing shop, bought out that shop and another shop and started Grizzly Creek Custom Framing. He retired in 2005 after 26 years and pursued excellence in framing full time. Grizzly Creek has grown every single year and employs four framers. Tim enjoys working alongside this creative team and is still passionate about bringing innovation and creativity to the business he loves. The team pushes boundaries everyday and demonstrate their own passion for framing. Tim loves working with customers and takes great pride in helping them create a vision for their piece. The most magical part of framing is when you lay the glass over the creation. After framing thousands of projects, it still is the most exciting part for Tim.

Tim credits his wife Kim for encouraging him to pursue his passion. He says that she is the realist and he is the visionary in growing Grizzly Creek. The chemistry has worked and you can understand why Grizzly Creek was named in the top 100 stores in the U.S.

Meet the entire cast of characters

Shirley Whitcomb

Shirley is creative beyond words. She has a combined passion of loving people and loving framing design. She is a vision casting guru when it comes to designing framed projects. Admittedly, she is not technical savvy, but she understands what the creative team can do with design and computer cutting technology. Her expertise in color and design gets people excited. Her extensive experience with needlework enables her to handle, educate, and frame nearly anything involving thread and cloth. She too is a major player on the Grizzly Creek creative team. In addition, she keeps the team organized and equipped with the materials they need to keep the workflow efficient and the good tunes playing!

Dennis D. Dunn

Dennis brings massive amounts of experience and framing passion to the Grizzly Creek creative team. His framing and art background allow him to see projects from a very unique perspective. Dennis is a wealth of knowledge on all things art and understands color and texture. When working with customers, you will hear him talk about their art and how best to showcase it. Dennis is also able to accomplish many aspects of art restoration and conservation due to his art background. He is methodical in his thinking and accomplishes delicate work with patience and understanding.

In our world of professional picture framing, technology now plays an important role. From point-of-sale software to design software, it's all important. Dennis is unique in that he has a creative side and a technical side. Grizzly Creek is equipped with the latest computerized mat cutting system and design software. Dennis is their "go-to-guy" for having it all figured out. In addition, his background enables him to fabricate and build. Grizzly Creek is able to handle projects that many other framers won't touch due in large part to his superb skill and experience. You will often hear "if you can dream it, we can create it"! Dennis is a major component of the Grizzly Creek success chemistry.

Andrew Tripp

Andrew has been exposed to Grizzly Creek for a long time. He has seen his Dad (Tim, Owner) transition from a police career to a framing entrepreneur. What Andrew brings to the framing business is very different and exciting. Andrew is a currently a Senior at CU Boulder, finishing a degree in cartography and geography/ GIS. When Andrew is working with customers he applies color, texture, layers, and design just as he would when creating maps from satellite images. He applies many aspects of picture framing back to the mapping computer as well. He says that without color and texture, even maps are boring. Andrew loves people and takes great pride in helping our customers achieve exciting results.